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Intuition is the Gift of  Divine Guidance. Step into Intuitive Living by claiming your Mastery of “Rising to the Occasion” and “Going With the Flow”.
Some of Maureen’s Intuitive talents include Clairaudience~Maureen realized at the age of ten that the still small voice inside her was God and the Angels communicating with her.  Clairvoyance~Later in her teens she began to experience seeing meaningful images in her mind’s eye. Information often comes to her in the form of rich symbolism that speaks intimately to a client’s inner Knowing, and their personal experiences. Clairsentience~In the 90’s Maureen trained in Healing Touch, a form of energywork. She trained in how to send healing energy from her heart through her hands and to work with the body’s energy field (aura), to promote relaxation, peace of mind and healing. This modality is now being used in many hospitals across the country. It was at this time she also learned how to sense energy with her hands which alerts her to blocks, pain, or deeper information, to support a client’s physical and/or emotional transformation.  Empathic Abilities~During energywork sessions she discovered she could feel others’ pain, feelings and emotions in her own body. This is another level of Knowing that assists her work. Claircognizance~These body sensations are often accompanied by an immediate Knowingness, Guiding her to ask the right questions or prompt a client with specific information. Remote Healing~Energywork transcends time and space. Maureen has affected powerful healing shifts in others that were miles away from where she was working on them. This work is done with the person’s permission. As Maureen believes illness & ailments are forms of Divine Guidance, revealing and discussing the nature of the causes are a necessary part of the person’s session & personal growth. Mediumship~Those who have passed often pay her visits. Though she does not claim mastery of this skill, she has brought forth meaningful symbols for bereaved that reveal she is, in fact, connecting with their loved ones.
Intuition is Maureen’s passion, her mission, and her journey. In her 30’s she returned to higher education as an honors student in psychology, where she was awarded grants, scholarships and graduate level research opportunities. She is driven to understand the world in which we live, beyond the stories that those who have come before us have told.  Knowing there is much more going on here than meets the eye, she seeks always to see beyond the illusion, forever exploring her world through all of the lenses of Guidance available to us. Dreams; synchronicities; noting what draws your attention or piques your interest; emotional reactivity; a song playing with just the lyrics to answer a question you were pondering; different people or media bringing the same thing to your awareness; Divination tools; meditation; channeling; and Sacred art are many ways one can glean information, and discover a deeper and broader realm of possibilities.
Coaching~ Maureen is truly gifted at honing in on the core issues that keep one bound to struggle, or to mediocrity. Working with her activates your awareness of your own gifts and talents and inspires you to embrace your value and helps you discover the unique contributions that only you can bring forth. She will support your personal journey of breaking out of the boxes created by your childhood programming, traumas and self-limiting fears.
The last decade in particular has been a personal immersion program of her own creation. She has invested in learning about Ascension, frequencies, dimensions & dimension shifting, multi-dimensionality, Light Beings, ET`s, our Galactic heritage, Quantum Physics, entity torment and how to clear them (from people, places and things), the power of intention, focus, being fully present, breathing, relaxing, the power of playing, non-judgement, compassion, discernment, Higher Consciousness, Conscious Awareness, immortality, regeneration, meditation, sacred chants, accountability, and the power of Love, to name a few. 
Please visit the Services page to see the many opportunities there are for you to unleash your potential; to empower the person you came here to be; to activate the creative expression of the Divine within you. Your life calls you forward to experience more in this life. If you are depressed or anxious, it is because your Soul is desperate for you to discover who you truly are. Maureen can share with you many keys to unlock chains that bind you, fears that intimidate you, and defense mechanisms keeping you playing small. Isn`t it time to embrace the joyful journey that your life is truly meant to be? The rest of the world is waiting for the Gift of you to be unveiled and shared.
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